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Your favorite tour operator to Costa Rica offers tours and concierge packages to Belize, Panama and Nicaragua as well. We are proud to add these distinctive destinations to our offering of Central American locations. Our sales agents have visited these countries numerous times and are continually updated on all new developments. Whether you prefer to explore the diversity of one country or three, let us show you the way to lands of natural beauty and warm people.

Costa Rica is an oasis of calm and an ecotourism heaven. Whether you are looking for a city full of nightlife, adventure in the jungle or relaxation on the beaches – this country has something appealing to every kind of person looking for an ideal vacation destination. Our Costa Rica packages include the finest hotels in Costa Rica and the best Costa Rica tours like whitewater rafting, hiking, sky trek, canopy tours, coffee tours, and boat tours to watch whales, dolphins and turtles. See our Costa Rica deals.

Belize is a country full of history, exotic nature and adventure. Whether it is visiting the Mayan temples or experiencing the natural wonders of the Barrier Reef, we can customize a package to fit your needs.

Panama is a hidden treasure in Central America. The footprints of thousands of years, the worlds most important land bridge and an area rich in nature await you. For those seeking flora and fauna, experiencing the unchanged culture of seven indigenous tribes or enjoying the vibrant metropolis of Panama City, you will not be disappointed.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country filled with breathtaking natural beauty, as well as rich history and culture. The only thing you should be afraid of when thinking about a trip to Nicaragua is that you might not want to leave ever again. Yes, Nicaragua has had its share of negative publicity in the past, but you might be surprised to hear that it is one of the safest countries to travel in all of Latin America.

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