About Way To Go

Twenty-three years ago, we recognized the need for a niche market and began the journey to become leading experts in the unique ecotourism destinations of Costa Rica, Belize, Panama and Nicaragua. Our mission was to develop an in depth basis of knowledge for these unique and sophisticated destinations so that we may guide our travel partners skillfully and precisely.

Our team is staffed by the most qualified destination specialists. Our sales staff have traveled these destinations many times and are able to use their personal experience to articulate and recommend different types of accommodations, transportation and tours.  We support their personal travel experiences with ongoing education, conducting seminars and workshops nationwide.

One of the most important elements in our success is that we are represented by knowledgeable ground operators in these countries. For instance, Destination Costa Rica is one of the most prominent tour companies in San Jose. Its employees are “walking encyclopedias,” each with in-depth knowledge of the variety of attractions the country offers.

Our company has developed significant professional recognition and is a preferred supplier for Signature Travel Network and Ensemble Travel Group. We value our professional partnerships greatly and pride ourselves on our ability to sell more complex and intricate itineraries. Our goal is always to exceed the expectations of your client and to make their experiences memorable and seamless.

We are at your disposal at all times. Our brochures, flyers and website are valuable tools for agents, enabling you to gain market share in these exciting and profitable destinations. Our staff is able to assist in any of your marketing projects involving Costa Rica, Belize, Panama or Nicaragua be it for groups, professionals, organizations or incentives.

The Way To Go Tours team would like to thank our valued travel partners for being an integral part of our success!