About Belize

belize_templeAncient archaeological sites of Mayan temples, a pristine environment, the second-largest barrier reef in the world, living coral gardens and exotic marine life await you. Belize lies west of the Caribbean Sea on the Central American isthmus and is home to coral reefs and tropical rainforests, alive with hundreds of bird species, colorful fish, exotic plants and animals.

In addition, the natural wonder of this land hosts inland granite basins at the base of cascading falls hose waters flow through limestone caves. From Maya Mountains to swaying palm trees on sun-drenched beaches and ten different cultures – the result is an adventure of vacation possibilities.

Belize Facts

Capital City: Belmopan.

Population: 250,000.

Climate: Subtropical, annual temperature of 80°F. Green season typically June-November.

Size: Approximately 8,866 sq. km.

Language: English is the official language and is widely spoken, as is Spanish.

Currency: The US dollar and the Belize dollar.

Entry Requirements: Passport and return tickets are required to enter Belize.

Taxes: Departure tax, $35.00 US is charged when leaving; also travelers entering Belize International by air and connecting to in-country flights are charged a $.75c US security fee.

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