Kayak Jaco Outriggers

Half Day. Outrigger canoes have been plying the warm waters of the world for centuries.  Long before Columbus or even the Vikings, the Polynesians were paddling to discover new worlds.  The craft they invented remains basically unchanged and you will get a bit of that exploratory feel as you paddle to the most beautiful beaches…


Surfing Lessons

surfingLearn paddling, standing up, dropping into waves and riding across them. You can expect to stand up and ride your first wave in the first day. The longer you stay the more you learn, with the intention of teaching all the skills necessary to surf forever!

Stand up Paddle Surf

Half day with lunch included. Tour is designed for all ages and abilities. Many people find this sport easier than surfing which makes it so popular. It is a great full body workout, significantly improving balance, coordination, strength and endurance. It is a perfect way to see the beautiful coastlines of the Central Pacific from…


Calypso Pacific Island Cruise

Full day with lunch included. Travel on the scenic Pan-American Highway to Puntarenas and board Calypso’s state of the art catamaran, the Manta Raya.  Then cruise the calm waters of the Gulf of Nicoya to Tortuga Island, where you will enjoy a relaxing day at a white sand beach.  As she makes her way to…


Aerial Tram Rain Forest

Half day. Created to raise the world’s consciousness of the importance of the tropical rainforests, the Pacific Rain Forest Aerial Tram allows guests to discover the hidden secrets and hanging gardens of the Transitional Tropical Rainforest from an awe-inspiring perspective.  A cascading 40 feet waterfall, giant rainforest trees and a panoramic view of the ocean…