About Panama

image1The footprints of thousands of years – the world’s most important land bridge and an area rich in nature await you. Those seeking flora and fauna will wonder at the 14 parks, 12 forest reserves and 10 wildlife refuges. You will be in awe of the culture – witness the lives of the seven indigenous tribes living in their natural habitat. Discover the vibrant metropolis of Panama City offering shopping, five-star hotels, fine dining and a myriad of cultural events. See the sun rise and set on the same beach and swim in two tropical oceans in one day – your private retreat awaits you.


Panama Facts

Capital City: Panama City

Population: 2.7 million

Climate: Tropical, green season is mid-April to December

Size: 29,208 sq. miles, about the size of South Carolina

Language: Spanish, English is a strong second language

Currency: US Dollar / Balboa

Entry Requirements: Passport and tourist card ($5) for US citizens

Taxes: Departure tax, $20.00

Culture: Six Indian tribes, a sophisticated economy based on service, one of the safest destinations for travelers, Panamanians are friendly and fun loving people.